Frequently Asked Questions

The Vadequa solution

What benefits can I expect from using Vadequa?

In addition to saving time (preselection of candidates) and money (increasing your company’s performance, improving employee commitment, reducing hiring mistakes), Vadequa is above all a new way of managing human resources. Because the human aspect needs to be at the heart of human resources and each company is unique, Vadequa is the only software that takes into account these two aspects to guarantee that you hire fulfilled, motivated and efficient people who will remain loyal to your company.

How can Vadequa be useful to me?

Vadequa offers two products: organizational culture audits and recruiting management. However, you can use Vadequa to assist you in a multitude of other areas related to human resources: for your internal mobility, for your annual interviews, for your employer brand, etc… Vadequa is limited only to your imagination. Vadequa will allow you to better understand your company and your colleagues even if you already think that you know them. You can compare different groups with each other: departments, teams and individuals, so as to have a very precise idea of ​​what your company is and the groups that compose it. Nevertheless, we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that Vadequa’s main objective is to assist you in managing your human resources through corporate culture and that the solution may therefore not have all the features that you would like for other uses.

How is it innovative?

Our innovation resides in the person-company adequacy’s evaluation algorithm that we internally develop with the support of the EPSYLON (Montpellier III University) psychology laboratory and the LGI2P (École des Mines d’Alès) laboratory. It has to do with predicting the adaptation, integration and performance of an individual working within a company via supervised learning techniques.

In how many languages is Vadequa available in?

Vadequa is available in English, French and German. You can change languages using the links available in the lower part of the site.

We are a small company (fewer than 10 employees), is Vadequa right for us?

Yes. The company’s size does not matter. Even the smallest companies have a culture and values ​​(often those of the founder). It’s mostly about whether or not you value these. If the answer is yes, then Vadequa is the solution for you.

Corporate culture

What is corporate culture?

A company is a place of wealth production, but it is also a place of living. As such, companies all have a cultures that characterize them. What is a company’s culture? It is the set of values ​​to which this company is attached and that it defends through its activities. These values ​​are not limited to the company’s area of expertise. For example, a company that produces cars may be – to take an extreme example – rather conquering (seeking to conquer an increasing number of markets) or, on the contrary, rather conservative (seeking to consolidate positions is has already acquired). Although in this example companies produce the same type of goods, their activity’s orientation will give rise to different value systems and thereby to different corporate cultures. An individual could feel fulfilled in one yet be dissatisfied in the other. And yet, both companies have identical business profiles. There is not a “better” one; they simply differ in their corporate culture. An individual’s interaction with one or the other will also be different. Hence the importance of defining companies’ “corporate culture” as precisely as possible. It then makes it possible to know the degree of adequacy between the values ​​carried by this culture and those that are specific to a candidate likely to be hired by the company.

What is corporate culture used for?

When a company decides to hire again, the crucial question that arises, beyond the skills that are being sought, is whether the person being hired is likely to reinforce the company’s culture through its own values ​​or if, on the contrary, the values ​​of one will hinder those of the other. This is where the company’s cultural profile will prove valuable. It will make it possible to make a prognosis on the adequacy between the psychological profile of a given individual and the company. The better the match between the candidate’s and the company’s profiles, the more likely the individual’s collaboration with the company will be beneficial, sustainable and ultimately satisfactory for both parties.

How does one determine corporate culture?

Corporate culture is not directly accessible. Companies do not always have a document entitled “corporate culture.” Often, they do not even aware of the type of “corporate culture” that they secrete. No more than the apple tree knows what an apple is. Corporate culture must therefore be indirectly determined. Those who are in the best position to do so, those who know the company best and how it works, are obviously those who work (or have worked) there. It is on them that we rely to determine the company’s culture. In real terms, we suggest that they fill out a questionnaire. It is through compiling a large amount of such data that we are able to determine the company’s cultural profile.

How does one change their corporate culture?

Corporate culture has, up until now, been presented as fixed and constant data. To be exact, however, the evolution of this data should be taken into account. In fact, corporate culture evolves over time according to the economic situation and the people working in the company (who they themselves change and evolve). The corporate culture’s evolution will be gradually taken into account through a weighting of the factors involved in the determination of the personality profile. This can also be desired by the company itself. This is the case, for example, when a company searches for ways to comply with the image it gives of itself in advertisements it broadcasts. Making a company’s culture evolve requires taking these objectives into account in the hiring process and determining the personality profiles that will best be able to curve the company’s culture in the direction desired by its leaders. Thus, it is possible to guide the evolution of the company’s culture towards specific goals and, to a certain extent, to shape the company’s culture. The Vadequa solution provides access to features integrating not only corporate culture at a given moment, but also its future evolution.

Corporate culture audit product

I would like to define my company's culture myself. How can I do so?

You can define your own culture yourself by manually positioning cursors on different scientific models that we use. Please note that it is better to define corporate culture as a group rather than alone.

I would like to define my company's culture in a collective way. How many employees is it necessary to interview?

It all depends on the size of your company. If you have 100 employees, you need 50 random employees to answer the survey. This usually involves inviting 80. If this is unfeasible, you must at least take a representative panel of 10 employees. Remember, the more employees who answer the survey, the more relevant the results will be. Also keep in mind that it is possible to answer the survey at any time. The company’s culture reports will be updated automatically.

I would like my colleagues to help me define our company's culture, what do you advise me to do?

We advise each company to send the link to the audit questionnaire to all employees in a group email. We advise not to handpick the profiles that will answer the survey. Indeed, it is important that all types of profiles answer the questionnaire: not only satisfied employees but also non-integrated and unsatisfied ones (if any). This is essential to obtain relevant results.

How do I convince employees to respond to the survey?

It only takes 20 minutes to respond to the survey. The latter allows the company to have a global view of its strengths and weaknesses while giving employees the opportunity to express themselves. Each employee can then understand that it is in their interest to respond to this questionnaire in a sincere way so that the company can take into account this data with the aim of offering greater employee satisfaction and hiring employees who will easily integrate existing teams.

How do you guarantee that employees' responses regarding the company are not biased?

The survey is anonymous, which allows employees to express themselves freely. In order to guarantee the quality of the responses we have introduced a system that measures the coherence of the respondent.

How do I convince employee representatives and unions to accept that employees respond to the survey?

The questionnaire is anonymous. The data is aggregated, so no one can be pointed out in relation to their answers. Moreover, the IRPs / unions can easily understand that Vadequa works both in the interest of the employer (to have employees and future employees be more fulfilled and more efficient) but also in the interest of employees (to be happy, to reduce stress and psychosocial risks, improve the social climate). If, despite this, the IRPs or the unions are opposed to the survey, it is still possible for you to define your company’s culture by yourself or with close associates.

Hiring product

What is the best way to use Vadequa for hiring?

We advise companies to use Vadequa before their hiring phase. We therefore advise you to test all the applications that you receive. Remember that it is only a link to send to candidates (by email or directly in the job add) and that all applications will be centralized in your Vadequa space. Thus, if you test all applications with Vadequa, you give less importance to resumes and instead favor profile diversity. In the end, all of these applications can be classified and sorted and you can then focus on high potential profiles that you could have discarded had you manually pre-selected resumes.

How do you guarantee the sincerity of the answers?

The aim of Vadequa is to enable a company to have adequate employees. Therefore, a person has no reason to lie when they take the test because this will lead to the fact that they can potentially end up in a company or service in which they will not fit. All this is explained before starting the test. In order to prevent cases where an individual will try to skew the answers, we introduced questions measuring the sincerity of the answers. In the end, we obtain a sincerity index that will be recorded in the report and that we take into account when we predict integration into the company.

Vadequa allows among other things to hire people who are in adequacy with the company. How can I hire different people?

It should be noted that different profiles can all be in adequacy to the company. Extroverted and highly introverted people can both feel fulfilled in the same company. On the other hand, if you are looking to hire a “black sheep,” all you need is to hire an inadequate individual. In either case, Vadequa allows you to make your decision based on objective criteria.

There are plenty of personality tests on the internet, why use Vadequa rather than another?

The Vadequa solution is the only one that offers an audit of your company’s culture. Personality tests that do not put an individual in the perspective of your company make no sense. There is no good or bad profile, just as there is no good or bad company. There are just affinities to be found.

I am not a psychologist, can I use Vadequa?

YesVadequa is based on methodologies, analyses and tests developed by psychology and statistics researchers. In the reports we make available to you, the results are already interpreted in a simple way so as to make it possible for non-psychologists to use of the software.


How do I install Vadequa? Do I need someone to come and configure the software?

No installation is necessary. Vadequa is entirely onlineHowever, we can train you to use it if you wish. The software is compatible with all types of media: computers, tablets, smartphones, as well as all operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and all browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 8+, Safari, Opera.

How do I update the software? How much do these updates cost?

Updates are done automatically and transparently. Vadequa is updated quarterly. These updates incorporate corrections, enhancements, and new features. All of these updates are free.

Where does the data go? Is it secured? Saved?

Just like with updates, backups are continuous, automatic and transparent. Data is duplicated across multiple servers around the world to ensure persistence. The servers comply with SSAE 16 and ISAE 3402 security standards (which are among the safest security standards in the world).

Is Vadequa compatible for smartphones and tablets?

Yes. Nevertheless, it is more convenient to use the Vadequa solution on a computer.


Are your tests valid? How have you validated them?

Vadequa aims to be one of the decision-making tools for the most scientific human resources on the market. Obviously, the tests have been scientifically validated by third party experts in the field.

You can find out more here.

Which culture model is used?

The culture model that is used is based on Quinn’s work and the Competing Values ​​Framework model. This model describes the organizational dilemmas and opposes two dimensions related to efficiency: Flexibility / Control and Internal / External. From there, this model draws up four corporate culture typologies: Clan – The Colleagues; Adhocracy – The Innovators; Market – The Competitors; Hierarchy – The Organizers.

Which value model is used?

The value model used is based on the work of SH Schwartz, who is considered to be the field’s benchmark expert.

Which personality model is used?

The psychological questionnaires come from the International Personality Item Pool (Big Five model). The Big Five model, also known as OCEAN, is the model that is the most relevant and the most recognized by the international scientific community. It identifies people’s privileged behaviors through 5 major and universal personality traits: Openness to experience, Consciousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism.


Do you respect the CNIL and the HALDE (Defender of Rights - French Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Commission)?

Since the operations we implement are concerned with personal data, we have submitted a declaration to the CNIL. Like all tools that affect selection in the workplace, we must respect the Defender of Rights’ recommendations so as to offer a non-discriminatory tool. We have therefore followed the recommendations listed in the “How to hire without discriminating” guide edited by “A Compétence Égale” and in this process we have also received help from former HR directors or leaders of large groups who are familiar with this issue.


I am encountering technical difficulties while using Vadequa, how can I contact you?

Send us an email at [email protected] describing the problem as well as the format you are using (computer, tablet, Windows, Mac OS X, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc…). We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

I have a question, how can I contact you?

Send us an email at [email protected]. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.