These companies and consultants are certified by Vadequa.

These consultants have been trained to use the software and scientific modules. They have the necessary knowledge and competence to guide you through using Vadequa.


JobProfile is a human resources consulting firm based in Switzerland. JobProfile distributes Vadequa and guides our clients based in Switzerland.

Leslie Eusebe

Recruiter, headhunter and career coach, Leslie Eusebe has over 15 years of experience in the recruiting, profiling, talent acquisition strategy and career coaching fields.

Sandra Carmignani

Cultural and social anthropologist, Sandra has a Phd in Social Science from Lausanne University and is your contact point for questions relating to your company culture.

GV Conseil

GV Conseil is a national firm specialized in global management and human resources. GV Conseil distributes Vadequa and guides our clients based in the south of France.


Christophe Masson

Passionate about organization at work, Christophe Masson particularly focusses on the interactions between the individual, his environment and his work position. In a consumer society where everything takes place at an increasing speed, Mankind faces constraints that necessitate new behaviors. Masson’s role is to accompany companies in the execution of concrete plans for action in terms of management of human resources, while remaining true to the defined strategy. His fields of competence are organization and management consulting, psychosocial risk audits, recruitment consulting and training engineering.


Management Consulting At Work

Management Consulting at Work is a management consulting firm focussed on company strategy and policy, human resources and organization, project management and communication.

Robert Marnette

Robert Marnette was trained in economics, but also in communication, notably in NLP, Transactional Analysis, Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach, Systemic Approach, Strategic Interaction Approach and various management models. The main theme of his interventions is that the performance of an organization lies more in the quality of relations and cooperation between the different units than in the quality of all its members taken separately. It is the relationships in the company that produce the emerging qualities of its management. Marnette’s time at Mercer Consulting gave him an overall view of HR and management activities at an international level.


Winning strategies make no mistake: value creation comes from humans and finds its roots at the heart of companies and their culture.
Stimulating this positive dynamic, AKCELI sets into motion YOUR value’s creative process.

Fabien Sallée

Fabien Sallé has a varied professional career of nearly 25 years of experience in management positions, in France and abroad, and complementary experience in the associative sector. Fabien Sallé is a graduate of the University of Angers in Economics and Management (Project Management, Master2).

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